Which Dry Fruits are Good for Skin Whitening & Healthy Skin?

Get the flawless & glowing skin you had always desired to have. Consume the best dry fruits for skin whitening and healthy skin.

Out of your many buddies, nuts can be the best of all! Not only do they satiate your taste buds, but they keep you fulfilled for a long time. Delve into the goodness of crunchy-Licious, nutty-Licious & nutritious dried fruits to reap the health benefits that you might not have imagined. Did you know consuming dry fruits is good for skin whitening & healthy skin? Yes, just by having a trail of some of the prominent nuts, you can get that flawless, gorgeous & supple skin that you’ve always dreamt of. Dry fruits not only kill your out-of-the-blue hunger pangs but provide loads of fiber, essential fats & protein.

But wait, only a handful of them like the king of dry fruits- almonds, cashews & others are responsible for making your skin healthy, toned & supple. In this piece, uncover the best dry fruits for skin whitening & healthy skin. Dig in!

List of Dry Fruits for Skin Whitening

1. Cashew Nuts

Apart from giving you perfect healthy eating, dry fruits for skin whitening are also a good idea. Dry fruits like cashew nuts are a rich source of niacin that, after consumption, work as an inhibition against many skin problems. Cashew nuts are crunchy and sweet dry fruits that also help for achieving glowing and white skin. Every man and woman who wants their face and skin to be brilliant must consume cashew nuts regularly. 

2. Almonds

Almonds, be it almond as a nut or almond oil, have been proven to have numerous health and skin benefits. Almonds are very much helpful in reducing the inflammation on the skin and also moisturising the skin. You can consume almonds as dry fruits for skin whitening. Almost every face pack that contains almonds works the best for skin whitening. It improves the complexion and prevents it from looking dull and glowing less. Eating almonds daily can improve your health as well as your skin health. Almonds are known to be one of the best dry fruits for improving skin health.

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3. Walnuts

Walnuts are known to be one of the best dry fruit for glowing skin. They play an influential and vital role in nourishing and achieving glowing skin. Walnuts are dry fruits rich in various sources of proteins, vitamins, and minerals that help achieve glowing skin. Walnuts are the ideal dry fruits for skin whitening.  Walnuts manage to keep us away from skin ageing and also different types of skin infections. 

4. Pistachios

Dry Fruits like Pistachios are very beneficial for dry skin as they eliminate the dryness from the skin. Pistachios are very much helpful in giving a radiant and youthful glow to your skin. Pistachios are sweet and crunchy dry fruits that are also helpful in garnishing and different types of sweet dishes.

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5. Dates

Dry fruits like dates are the best source for vitamin C. Dates are prevalent dry fruits for skin whitening. Along with the best skin, they enhance the skin’s elasticity. Dates also act as supplements for subcutaneous glands that make skin fair, smooth, and tender. So make a date with dates & do ensure to have some handful of dates every day!


Now that you have uncovered the benefits of dry fruits for your healthy skin, you must plan to add them to your mid-snack routine! It’s a must to consume healthy, nutritious & authentic dry fruits to reap benefits for your skin & health! That is why we strongly suggest that you have the dry fruits from original shops like Fragrance of Health that have a legacy of spices & dry fruits in Khari Baoli. Then, order the pure range of dry fruits from FOH & get the best results for your health & skin!