Which Dry Fruits Are Best During Pregnancy?

Eating dry fruits during pregnancy is a good idea because the consumption of dry fruits early in pregnancy is vital and beneficial for your body especially, if you are conceiving. Pregnancy, whether a planned one or happened by surprise, will change your life forever.

In addition, pregnancy can sometimes be challenging because of the new emotions, fatigue, morning sickness, and the difficult times in finding a comfortable position. Therefore, a woman must intake a proper diet along with dry fruits during pregnancy. 

The Mother needs and requires additional vitamins, minerals and few essential nutrients to nurture her body and her baby’s development. Apart from everyday food, dry fruits during pregnancy are good because they contain all the vital vitamins and minerals that add to the mother's health. Therefore, including dry fruits during pregnancy is beneficial to both mother and unborn baby because their vitamins and minerals enrich dry fruits. 

Healthy Benefits of Dry Fruits During Pregnancy

1. It helps to Prevent Constipation

One of the main complaints is constipation that you can cure with dry fruits as they are rich in fiber content during pregnancy. Constipation occurs during pregnancy because of many factors like hormonal changes, intake of pills, supplements, etc. The best solution to this problem is the intake of a high fiber diet that can resolve constipation.

2. Supplements for Iron

Pregnant women may suffer from the iron deficiency that may lead to anaemia. Eating dry fruits during pregnancy can reduce anaemia because few dry fruits like dates and nuts help build iron content in the body preventing the body from anaemia.

3. Supplements for Vitamin A

Dry fruits have the presence of Vitamin A that is very helpful for the development and growth of the baby’s bone. Moreover, dry fruits are rich in magnesium content that is helpful for the development of the baby’s nervous system.

4. Controls Blood Pressure

During pregnancy, women face the problem of fluctuating blood pressure. The potassium content present in the dry fruits has the potential to control blood pressure. 

5. Smooth Delivery

Eating dry fruits during pregnancy can prove helpful during the time of delivery of the newborn baby. Dry fruits like prunes are the nuts that provide strength to the muscles of the uterus that further helps in the smooth delivery.

6. Prevents Asthma in Baby

Dry fruits are nuts rich in Vitamin E content that is very helpful for developing and healthy growth of the cell in the baby’s body. In addition, dry Fruits prevents the risk of asthma in the baby.

Different Ways of Including Dry Fruits in the Pregnancy Diet

There are several ways to eat dry fruits during pregnancy while including them in your diet. Some of the best practices for pregnancy are listed below:

  • Dry fruits are the crunchy nuts that you can include in salads, desserts and ice creams.
  • Dry Fruits combined with milkshakes are the perfect and tastiest combination that a pregnant woman must-try during pregnancy.
  • Few dry fruits are hard to chew. Therefore dry fruits soaked in water are the best for morning breakfast.

Few Dry Fruits that are Beneficial During Pregnancy

1. Almonds

Almonds are the most famous dry fruits, rich in protein content. In addition, almonds are the source of healthy fats that helps to keep the heart healthy. These are also very helpful in the growth and development of the baby. In addition, eating dry fruits during pregnancy like Almonds helps in maintaining blood pressure.

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2. Walnuts

The body can’t produce few essential fats like omega-three fats that are also known as brainy fats. In addition, walnuts are the best source of these essential fats. So consuming walnuts will provide an abundant supply of these fats.

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3. Dried Figs

One of the healthiest fruits that reduce the effects of morning sickness is Dried Figs. They contain calcium that is very important for the development of bones in the unborn baby. Moreover, it is beneficial for the mother as well.

4. Raisins

During pregnancy, women often crave something sweet. Raisins are the best solution for the sweet tooth that also adds up to the fibre content in the body.

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Dry fruits during pregnancy are very much beneficial and essential for maintaining the health of the mother and unborn baby. We, the core team members of FOH, ensure your best health during pregnancy by providing the best quality of dry fruits beneficial for your health. We feel honoured and delighted to ensure your safety and health, so we provide the home delivery facility of your choice of dry fruits.