What Are the Health Benefits of Black Pepper?

Are Black Pepper really good for us? What are the benefits of black pepper for health? Are there any side effects of black pepper? Read on to discover.

Can you imagine food without black pepper? Will your dishes get their relishing taste without using black pepper, aka Kali Mirch? Not! It’s because there are so many benefits of black pepper that not only make the dishes enticing but also add flavor to your delicacies. Salt and Black Pepper go hand in hand. Sprinkling salt and black pepper is the star ingredient for every delicacy.

From salads, subways, grilled items to our all-time favorite Indian curries- Black pepper is the most commonly used spice in the world. In Sanskrit, Black Pepper is used as ‘Pippali’ was regarded as black gold. Other than adding taste to the delicacies, there are many other uses of black pepper for health.

How Black Pepper is Made?

Usually, the Black Pepper grows in India and various parts of tropical Asian countries. Black pepper and white pepper come from plant species. Black Pepper is made by cooking dried unripe fruit. Whereas, White Pepper is made by cooking and drying the ripe seeds.

This spice is a dried unripe fruit mainly known as the peppercorn having a range of properties to share when harvested. To get good quality Black peppers, farmers have to selectively choose the ripe peppercorns and keep them for drying purposes until they turn black.

Benefits of Black Pepper

Black Pepper offers a range of health benefits to its flavor-enriching properties. It has one of the longest histories as a sought-after spice, due to its ability to flavor foods, act as a preservative, and add heat to a dish. More than being a food flavor enhancer, black pepper contains bioactive compounds such as piperine- one of the natural alkaloids ( low-molecular-weight nitrogen-containing compounds) that give black pepper the pungent taste.

It is also one of the crucial components that gives black pepper its health-boosting qualities. Consumption of black pepper by mouth for arthritis, asthma, stomach upset, bronchitis, a bacterial infection that causes diarrhea (cholera), gas, headache, stuffy nose, sinus infection, weight loss, cancer, etc. Following are some of the best uses of black pepper for health:

  • Improving Immune System
    It is crucial to have a strong and healthy immune system that allows you to fight against illness. Black Pepper has active compounds that play a significant role in boosting white blood cells. Your body uses them to fight against the invasion of bacteria and viruses.
  • Promotes Digestion and Intestinal Health
    One of the health benefits of Black Pepper is it can help you digest better and absorb foods. It helps in stimulating hydrochloric acid in your stomach. It also has carminative properties that can minimize the discomfort and gas build-up in the intestine.
  • Anti-inflammatory Properties
    Piperine is present in black pepper linked to anti-inflammatory benefits. Black Pepper acts as a strong anti-inflammatory diet that can help in improving symptoms of arthritis, inflammatory bowel syndrome, lupus, etc. The anti-inflammatory effects can work on the same level as for patients prescribed medication.

How Much Black Pepper Should You Use?

You should know how to use black pepper to get benefits out of it. Make sure to grind your pepper from peppercorns while preparing a meal. Ensure to grind the pepper from peppercorns while preparing meals. Eat only freshly ground black pepper that gives you better health benefits than eating those pre-ground black pepper. Only buy fresh peppercorns to ensure that you eat good-quality black pepper and avoid using adulterated ones.

Side Effects of Kali Mirch

We know that the classic Kali Mirch adds flavorsome and great taste to food, but there are some side effects of black pepper that we should not overlook. Commonly, black pepper is a safe option when taken orally in adequate amounts. It is a safe option when taken appropriately as medicine or when it’s oily. However, the persistent side effect of black pepper is its burning aftertaste. If consumed in large amounts by mouth, there are chances that black pepper can travel into your lungs and cause serious illness. It can get worse in the case of children.

How Much Should You Consume?

Depending upon your diet, you should eat Black Pepper in an adequate amount. One of the uses of black pepper is an additive to your food replacement to salt. Please note too much of everything can cause harm, too much black pepper can drastically affect the taste of what you eat. Some studies suggest that 1 to 2 tablespoons on a dish is more than enough. However, for some people, it can probably be too much to tolerate.

In a nutshell, there are plenty of uses of black pepper for health. It is necessary to use them wisely. We’ve gone through the benefits of black pepper offers, its side effects, and how we should use it. But most importantly, it is essential to have black pepper rich in quality. Get the unique taste of Khari Baoli at your doorstep. FOH is home to 100% authentic and best-quality spices. Try their original range of pepper today!