Pista Pishori Benefits - Learn Why it’s the Best Dry Fruit

Pistas are high in beta-carotene & have anti-inflammatory compounds. A handful of Pistas offers a slew of health benefits by consuming the authentic Pista Pishori. Read on.

Small things can give you big joys. If only you understand the power of bite-sized nuts, that can leave you fulfilled. Nuts, seeds & other forms of dry fruits have proven to be beneficial for people. Nuttylicious, crunchy-Licious & delicious pistas are always favourite snacks for people across the world. Out of the many colourful nuts, pistas have gained immense importance for it provides numerous benefits & satiate your taste buds! The little sweet n salty kernels of pistas are perfect for mid-snacks for many people.

The Pista Pishori is a different variety of Pista that is a little small in size and a house of numerous flavours. These are the Pistachios that are helpful and act as the main ingredient for preparing various sweet dishes. Pistas is a star ingredient for garnishing and topping up other sweets and dishes. Let’s have a look at a few of the health benefits of Pishori Pista.

pista pishori beneifts

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Health Benefits of Pista Pishori

1. Full of Nutrients
Dry fruits are always known for their health benefits. Pista Pishori is a dry fruit that is very nutritious and contains all the essential nutrients. Along with providing the best health, these sweet, dry fruits also add ups to the sweetness content of any sweet dish making it more colourful and attractive. Pistachios are the hub of many nutrients like calories, fibre, proteins, potassium, phosphorus, vitamin B6, copper, and manganese.

Vitamin B6 is crucial for achieving the smooth functioning of many body functions, including regulating blood sugar levels and the formation of haemoglobin in the human body.

Pista Pishori is highly rich in potassium. One ounce contains more potassium than half of a large banana that you eat.

2. High Level of Antioxidants
Antioxidants are very much essential for your health and healthy life. Antioxidants prevent cell damage and play a vital role in reducing the risk of severe and harmful diseases such as cancer.

You should always consume foods that have the presence of antioxidants. Pista Pishori contains more antioxidants than any other nut and seeds, helping your body fight and build antibodies to fight the severe disease. Among all the other nuts and seeds, pistachios contain the highest content of the two most effective and helpful antioxidants: lutein and zeaxanthin.

These antioxidants are very helpful in taking care of the damage that occurs with the blue light and the problems coming in the increasing age. 

3. Low in Calorie but High in Protein
Eating dry fruits is very beneficial as they are high in protein and are very helpful for leading the proper development and healthy life. In addition, Pista Pishori is the lowest-calorie dry fruit.

Pistachios are dry fruits that, with protein, comprise about 20% of their weight. Therefore, pistachios are the second after the almonds when comparing the protein level in all the other dry fruits.

4. Helps in Weight Loss
Despite being the food providing high energy dry fruits are also very helpful for reducing weight. Dry fruits have all the essential nutrients that add to your healthy life, but you can also reduce your weight. Pista Pishori is very helpful in weight loss as they are rich in fiber and protein, and these nutrients will make you feel full and help you eat less.

5. Healthy Gut
Dry Fruits are highly rich in fiber and all the other nutrients as the thread just move to enter through your digestive system, primarily undigested. Therefore, very few fibers are digested by the good bacteria present in your gut and act as probiotics.


Consumption of dry fruits such as Pista Pishori is perfect for increasing the number and amount of butyrate-producing bacteria in your gut to a greater and higher extent than eating almonds or any other dry fruits. Hence, indulging in a handful of pista pishori can prove to be helpful. Trust the best & bring home the fresh taste of Khari Baoli from FOH. FOH has been serving for over 60 years with 100% authentic dry fruits & spices! So go nowhere, start building your cart & order now!