How do Pumpkin Seeds Help in Weight Loss & Burn Belly Fat

Pumpkin seeds are a powerhouse of nutrients that can prove to work wonders for weight management. Here check out how to consume pumpkin seeds for weight loss!

Now that we are gushing to the end of the year, now is the time to make healthy choices that we can carry forward in the coming year. 

It's time to switch to something healthy and beneficial for the body rather than hopping on those unhealthy snacks. It would be best to be mindful of what you consume, including healthy snacks in your diet. One of the best snacking items is pumpkin seeds. It is very beneficial because opting for pumpkin seeds for weight loss, hair growth, and building immunity is an ideal superfood.

The pumpkin seeds are beneficial in suppressing hunger pangs.Just100 grams of pumpkin seeds can provide up to 560 calories and 50% of dailies. In addition, pumpkin seeds are a rich source of valuable nutrients like magnesium, zinc, copper, manganese, phytosterols, antioxidants, etc. 

Many people wonder if pumpkin seeds are the best idea for losing weight or not. So let’s discuss the benefits of pumpkin seeds are beneficial for losing weight.

Why are Pumpkin Seeds Good for Weight Loss?

If you are thinking of opting for pumpkin seeds for weight loss, pat yourself as you are about to make one of the best choices. These pumpkin seeds are a rich source of nutrients that help lose weight, known as fibre, protein and unsaturated fats. Fiber is beneficial in increasing the feeling of fullness that further prevents overrating between the usual meals that lead to gaining overweight or prevent weight loss.

As per the recommendations for adults for supporting overall health and weight, the minimum fibre intake is approximately 19-38 grams fiber per day.

Pumpkin seeds are one of the best sources of protein. Protein is also known to play a crucial role in weight loss, improving the appetite, preventing overeating, and promoting the feeling of qfullness. Thus, there are many health benefits of pumpkin seeds as well apart from weight management.consume pumpkin seeds for weight loss

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How to Use Pumpkin Seeds for Weight Loss?

Pumpkin seeds are seeds that you can enjoy with or without their shell. Pepitas are the pumpkin seeds without their shell and are identically smaller with a green appearance. There are different ways to enjoy pumpkin seeds, such as:

  1. Eating raw pumpkin seeds or in a homemade trail mix
  2. Garnishing salads and waffles with pumpkin seeds
  3. Baking with muffins or topping of bread
  4. Mixing or blending with smoothies
  5. Mixing into yoghurt and oatmeal

Moderation is the Solution

Pumpkin seeds for weight loss are one of the great ideas because these are known as nutritious seeds, a high fibre snack that is very helpful in supporting weight loss. However, it is essential to recall that moderation is the crucial factor when it comes to your intake of any food item.

While consuming pumpkin seeds, you must maintain the proper quantity as other nuts or seeds. Pumpkin seeds are energy-dense, which means these seeds contain a substantial amount of calories and a small serving size of fat.


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