10 Navratri Gift Ideas to Make Festival Special

India is known for its diverse festivals that people celebrate with complete joy and enthusiasm. Navratri is one of the prominent traditional Hindu festivals that mark the glorious celebration spanning nine nights every year in the autumn.  In these nine days, worshipping the Hindu goddess is the traditional recipient’s life on the 8th or 9th Day of Navratri, Kanjak pooja. Surprise your loved ones with beautiful and memorable gifts during this festival season. You might be thinking of the best Navratri gift ideas for opting for assistance during this festive season.

The religious festival of Navratri is just around the corner, and the festive vibes will take over the atmosphere through these 9 days and nights of the extended spiritual festival. People celebrate the festival around the edges of the nation with all enthusiasm and joy. These nine devoting days are to worship nine different avatars of Goddess Durga. Moreover, Goddess Laxmi and Goddess Saraswati are also honoured during the nine days of celebration.

The festive season is when you can take up the opportunity to strengthen your relationship and bond with your family members and friends by giving gifts. Here are a few best and beautiful Navratri gift ideas.

Few Best Navratri Gift Ideas for Family, Friends and Kanjak

1. The idol of Goddess Durga

During the nine days of Navratri, Goddess Durga is attractive and brings blessings to the recipient’s life. The festival marks the worship of nine different avatars of goddess Durga. A beautiful and divine idol of Goddess Durga makes a gift full of blessings and good luck. The recipient can worship this miniature idol throughout the nine days of Navratri. The icon of Maa Durga will provide immense power and positivity to the recipient. 

2. Handmade and unique Diyas

Diyas are known to be the inevitable part of the act during worship in Indian culture. Diya lighting during worshipping is for removing the darkness and negative vibes from the house and destroying all the negative vibes and sins from your life. Therefore, Diyas are one of the best Navratri gift ideas.

3. Pack of Dry Fruits

A box of health and goodness! You must consider gifting a box full of healthy and crunchy dry fruits adding sweetness and good health to the recipient. There are boxes of Navratri unique dry fruits packed beautifully and with all the good nuts and dry fruits. These dry fruits are consumable during the fast for all nine days of Navratri.

4. Flavoured Incense Sticks

After Diyas, Incense sticks are the second most crucial thing during worshipping god. It is one of the most creative and unique ideas to gift aromatic different flavoured incense sticks. Incense sticks will spread the fragrance of harmony and love, just like the festival of Navratri.

5. Tiara for Girls

Tiara for girls is one of the best and unique Kanjak gift items. On the last or second last day of Kanya Pujan, gift a cute little girl with beautiful Tiaras making them feel the happiest. No one thinks of Tiara as a gift for Kanya Pujan so that it might be the most unique and best talent.

6.  Sweets

Every Indian festival is incomplete without pure Indian sweets. So for marking the sweet celebration of Navratri, you must get some pack of sweets adding to the sweetness of the festival and happiness of the recipient.

7. Handbag for Kanjak 

Cute little handbags for the little goddess are the best. If you think of giving something valuable and cool to the little goddess, you should purchase small attractive bags for Kanjak.

8. Chocolate Hamper

A beautifully arranged chocolate hamper is one of the sweetest Navratri gift ideas. You can gift this to all the age groups gracing your occasion, and being attractive will make your task easier as you do not have to buy separate gifts.

9. Garba Outfits

The joy of the festival is incomplete without singing and dancing, and Navratri Garba is the most enjoyable part of this festive season. You can purchase Garba outfits as a gift adding up to the beautiful colours of the festival.

10. Wall hangings

Gift a wall hanging of goddess Durga or any idol that will bring positivity and blessings in the life of the recipient. These wall hangings are one of the impressionable gifts you can give as a gift!


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