10 Best Diwali Gift Ideas for Corporate Employees Below 500

This Diwali, celebrate the festive occasion by giving corporate gifts which of course is a thoughtful idea of nurturing the relationship. If you are looking for a few best Diwali gift ideas for employees, here they are.

Diwali is the much-awaited occasion of happiness. This joyous festival is celebrated by sharing joy amongst friends, family and dear ones. Even corporate celebrate this festival & regard their employees in many ways.

This festival marks a great time for corporate gifting. Corporate gifting is very important and impactful as it impacts your relationship with your employees. It turns out that the workers are motivated to work with more dedication and help the firm grow better.

Corporate gifting serves as a symbol of appreciation of the dedication and hard work of the workers. For any company or business, goods and services and the staff members are roots leading to further development.  

Are you wondering about what to choose for gifting your employees? Before selecting the best gift, you should know the best set for your mind for the best Diwali gift ideas for employees.

List of the 10 Best Diwali Gift Ideas for Employees

1. Scented Candles
Scented Candles are unique gift ideas, perfectly suitable for the great festival's atmosphere and mood. Aromatic Candles elevate the anxiety setting the environment for extraordinary relaxation. In addition, these scented candles will make your customers and staff know that you care about their well-being.

2. Dry Fruits
Diwali is the occasion of eating and sharing a pack of healthy sweets. A box of nutty, cracking and crunchy dry fruits are undeniably the Diwali gift option for employees. These dry fruits will not only please your taste buds but also ensure your best health. A box full of ever-loved cashews, raisins, pistachios, walnuts and almonds will surely impress your employees.

Diwali Gift Ideas for Corporate Employees

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3. Smartwatch
Gifting your staff and employees a branded smartwatch will surely leave them stunned. A smartwatch with various heart rates, Bluetooth connectivity for calling, setting plans features, etc. You can also buy a watch with your company logo on it, if possible.

4. Desk Plantings
Whether at work or home, nothing is better than turning up for a bit of nature around. Getting some lovely indoor plants is another fantastic Diwali gift idea for employees, as these tiny plants will purify the surroundings. You can purchase plants like Money plant, Spider plant, Lucky Bamboo, etc.

5. Everyone Loves Chocolates
There are hardly a few people who don’t love chocolate. So you can use some of the famous and commonly favourite chocolate for making a perfect chocolate hamper that will surely impress your associates.

6. Home Sage Sticks
Home sage sticks are a set of two sticks that produces the best fragrance. These home sage sticks can uplift the aura with their fantastic aroma adding up to the joy of the festival.

7. Charger Plate
One of the unique corporate Diwali gifts for employees is a charger plate or the passionately crafted serving tray. The dishes with vintage patterns and contrasting colours will amaze your staff members.

8. Warm Clothes 
Diwali marks the ending of summer. Therefore, you can gift your employees a set of warm and beautiful clothes. These warm clothes will bring happiness to the employees and build a strong relationship with the employees.

9. Small Hampers of Sweets
Any festival is incomplete without giving and getting sweets from friends and family members. So it is the most common and affordable idea to gift a pack of few best and delicious sweets on Diwali.

10. Glass Set
One of the best and unique Diwali gift ideas for employees is gifting a set of two or three glasses. There are numerous designs and silver platted mirrors available in the market that you can buy and use as a gift.


All in all, we've covered the 10 best ideas of corporate gifting for Diwali. So pick the one that interests you. However, this Diwali, amaze your employees with the healthiest and beautifully packed hampers of dry fruits. FOH ensures to provide the best dry fruits that add up to the sweetness in life and help maintain the health of your employees. We feel honoured and delighted to ensure your safety and health, so we provide the home delivery facility of your favourite Dry fruits this Diwali!