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From the hearts of Purani Dilli, that is best known for the richness of assortments, clothing line to different markets comes a brand of an enriching range of spices, an exquisite range of nuts and seeds that takes the market by storm! Our company hails from the fresh streets of Khari Baoli. We at Fragrance of Health provide you with an exotic range of aromatic, delicious and tempting range of nuts, seeds and fresh spices! Our tingling spices are best known for turning the delicacies into fine cuisines. We have a proud legacy of selling wholesale nuts, seeds and spices for more than 50 years and gained immense popularity in Asia Pacific’s largest Spice market- Khari Baoli. Our heritage of products is deeply connected with the safe haven of the spice market, Khari Boali, a widely acclaimed street that houses groceries, spices, herbs and fine nuts. Our vision is to expand into the arena of each household and bring them the best range of spices that satiates one's taste buds while giving a healthy punch to the dishes.

Dry Fruits

Replace your unhealthy, high-calorie snacks with utterly nutritious, appetizing, and grandma-approved dry fruits.


Upgrade your cooking with our flavourful and precisely intense spices, unrivalled by the regular grocery store spices.


Satiate your tastebuds and step towards a healthier lifestyle with our edible seeds that are equally good as snacks and in baked goods.

Dehydrated Fruits

Can’t stop munching? Simply replace your usual processed snacks with fiber-rich, nutritious dehydrated fruits and flip the dice for a healthy slice.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help people realize the positive impact that healthy food can have on their lives. To do this, we’ve made our high-quality healthy food products as accessible as possible with the best prices and PAN India doorstep delivery.

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Best Seller

There is always a place for some more goodness in the world [and on your plate]. So, what’s the wait for? Check out what’s best in our freshest, healthiest range of spices, nuts, and seeds.

Doorstep Delivery

You don’t have to get ready and wait in a long queue to get the seeds and spices you need. Just choose; we’ll bring them right to your doorstep.

Good Quality

For us and your better health, quality is all that matters. So, we work hard at sorting and delivering only the best range of products.

Secure Payment

Every transaction carried out at Fragrance of Health is encrypted via a unique SSL protocol, ensuring 100% safety and confidentiality.